Cloudera Data Platform

Manage and Secure Big Data Lifecycle for both IT and Businesses.

Get your data, from wherever it resides,
to those who need it.

It runs on any cloud, with any analytics and any data.

It is simple and secure.
It is both manual and automated.
It is open source and extensible.
It is realtime and up to date.
It is for data analysts, data engineers and data scientists.
It is on premises and the public cloud

Hybrid, multi-cloud

Cloudera works across all major public clouds and the private cloud.

Has multi-function analysis

It integrates analytic experiences and big data management across the lifecycle. Result – access to data, anywhere.

Secure, governed

Assures your organization of security, compliance, migration and metadata management across environments.

An open platform

Think open source, open integrations, extensibility, and openness to multiple data stores and architectures.

1 – Cloud is everywhere

With CDP Hybrid Cloud, you can fasttrack the adoption of cloud-native data services for both public and private cloud.
Provide flexibility to IT and agility to business users. Extend public cloud innovation to the data center, separating compute and storage for better control, delivering a PaaS user experience, and bursting to the cloud as needed.

2 – Work the cloud better

Your business will benefit from cloud- native analytics delivered securely, cost-efficiently, and scalably.
Business data is centrally managed and secured, and the experience is consistent anywhere – on premise, or in hybrid and multi-cloud.

3 – Data lifecycle, optimized

You can collect, enrich, report, serve, and model enterprise data for any business use case in any cloud.
Any data-driven, high-value business needs modern, streaming real-time data and integrate analytics. These should be easy for IT to manage and deploy, and for business to consume and operationalize. CDP makes all these possible and more.

4 – Machine Learning

Accelerate data-driven decision making from research to production with a secure, scalable, and open platform for ML.

CDP Public Cloud

Even without installing and managing the data platform software, you can create and manage secure data lakes, self-service analytics, and machine learning services.

CDP Public Cloud lets you:

• Control cloud costs by automatically spinning up workloads when needed and suspending their operation when complete;

• Isolate and control workloads based on user type, workload type, and workload priority; and

• Combat proliferating silos and centrally control customer and operational data across multi-cloud and hybrid environments

These are the public cloud data services by CDP

• Data Hub
• Data Warehouse
• Machine Learning
• Data Engineering
• Data Visualization
• Operational Database

Business intelligence you can count on and act on.
Sharp, incisive, timely, world-class analytics will help you take your organization to a new level.


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